Halloween performers to unleash your nightmares!

Halloween performers to unleash your nightmares!

Halloween performers to unleash your nightmares! 1800 1350 Fiesta Creations


Unleash Your Nightmares with Our Spine-Chilling Halloween Acts!

Our hauntingly thrilling cast of entertainers and performers have sent shivers down the spines of audiences at venues throughout Gold Coast, Brisbane and world-wide. Our Halloween terrors have performed at Movie World Fright Nights, starred in stage shows at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Singapore, horrified guests at the Haunted Passage Surfers Paradise, and had a hellish time entertaining Halloween event guests at various bars, clubs, and FestEvils!

Join us in our realm of horror! 🎃

Dare to plunge into our abyss of bone-chilling entertainments, and who knows, you might just uncover your very own demons!

Our Halloween Performers are:

Grinder Girl Guitarists

Feel the electric rush of our Grinder Girl Guitarists, rocking heavy metal sparks in a sizzling stage show symphony! Danger meets Dazzling in this fusion of light, sound and pyrosutra.

Fire Dancing Demons

Descend into the fiery abyss with our Fire Dancing Demons, illuminating the night with their flickering dance with the Devil. Witness their wicked waltz with the flames, a tantalizing tango of terror and allure that will consume your senses!

Day of The Dead Multiskill Acts

Wander through the whimsical world of our Sugar Skulled Multiskill Acts, a macabre mosaic of frightful fascination. Their dazzling skills and skeletal smiles will dance you through the twilight, enshrouded in a mystic aura of Mexican celebration!

10 Feet Tall Witches

Beware of their looming shadows! Be amazed as our Gold Coast Stilt Walkers become your event’s towering witches cast spells from above, their haunting whispers and sinister smiles creating an atmosphere of eerie enchantment and trepidation!

Bone Crunching Contortionists

Feel your spine shiver as our bone-crunching contortionists twist and turn, their bodies articulating in unimaginable ways, creating a visual spectacle of fascinating fright!

Glowing Glam Rock LED Gothics

Immerse yourself in the luminous allure of our Glowing Glam Rock LED Gothics. This high energy LED Hoop Trio offer options to tower over your guests on Stilts, Roller-skate or strut their stuff in neon ankle boots.

Feature Fire Acts & Pyro Special Effects Show

Experience the explosive symphony of our Feature Fire Acts, paired with a heart-pounding Pyro and Special Effects Show. The explosive concoction of fiery displays and captivating visuals will leave your heart racing and your spine tingling!

Unleash Your Nightmares with our Halloween Entertainers!